Live Streaming

The death of a loved one is a difficult time for everyone. Taking time to grieve and participate in the funeral process has proven to be a very important part of moving forward. Unfortunately, friends and family are often unable to attend the funeral services due to distance, other commitments, illness, or work. This greatly limits their participation in the grieving process. 

We at Wallace Funeral Home are committed to serve our families with our very best; including staying up to date with today's technology. We are able to provide both friends and family who are unable to attend their loved one's service, the chance to be a part of the grieving process. For those funeral services held in our Community Chapel, friends and family are able to take part in the funeral service through our online LiveStream site. By offering this service, it is our hope to continue to serve our families with our very best. 

To begin live streaming, please visit our Livestream site: 

Wallace Funeral Home - Livestream

[Live streaming is available for funeral services held at Wallace Community Chapel only. To confirm the location of the funeral service you are looking for go to "obituaries" and click "service information".]