Free 24-Page Booklet

One Day There'll be an Empty Chair

This compassionate 24-page booklet is now available free of charge to members of the Sussex community through Wallace Funeral Home.

The booklet is adapted from a chapter by the same name from the runaway bet seller,AfterLoss, A Recovery Companion for Those Who Are Grieving, by Barbara Hills LesStrang.  The AfterLoss book may also be borrowed from Wallace Funeral Home.

By reading the booklet, the reader will come face-to-face with the emotions, spoken honestly and freely, of the founder of the AfterLoss Grief Recovery Program following the loss of her mother.  Her moving story, along with the stories of many others, explains why she vowed never to put her loved ones through what she was required to experience.  This sensitive and immensely touching booklet will inspire the heart of every reader.

“Learn from me and plan ahead,” LesStrang admonishes her readers.  “Then you and your loved ones won’t have to go shopping for the right funeral home on the day of your loved one’s death.  You will be comforted knowing that you have provided for and protected your surviving loved ones from having to make many important and difficult decisions during a time when they are least able to make them.”

Please contact us today to get a copy of this wonderful booklet.