Program to Help

Wallace Funeral Home Offers Grief Recovery Assistance

AfterLoss is a monthly grief-recovery assistance help letter which brings the hospital benefits of grief counseling directly into the home of the grieving family. The publication is written to provide care and comfort to the grieving.

This publication will be provided on a monthly basis to all local clergymen, school counselors, senior centers, retirement homes, the Sussex Regional Library, Sussex Health Centre and Saint John and Sussex Hospice as well as the families we serve.

The AferLoss help letters were featured in the front page story, “Solace after Bereavement” in the The New York Times and are devoted to the need for assistance for the bereaved. Included in the monthly newsletter are a number of articles to help bring understanding into the grieving process and to assist the bereaved in learning how to cope with and eventually replace the debilitating effects of grief.

Articles which appear each month in the eight-page publication include such subjects as: 

  • The Major Symptoms of Grief
  • Effects of Grieving on Health
  • Getting Past the Anger
  • Sexuality and the Survivor
  • How to Handle Loneliness
  • Anticipatory Grief vs. Sudden Death...Which is Worse?
  • The Difference Between "His and Her" Grief
  • What to Say to the Newly Bereaved Person

Questions from readers dealing with grief are answered in the newsletter and a monthly feature, Loss and Recovery, presents a case history of how different individuals meet and overcome the loss of their loved ones.  Three special issues include one devoted exclusively to child loss, another focuses on the special needs of the recently widowed, and one is about facing the holidays after a loss.

Providing this information to members of the clergy will assist them with their task of comforting the bereaved and helping them to restructure their lives without their loved one. School counselors will be able to provide share the information with young people to help them cope with death and address the issue of suicide.

Please contact us today to receive a complimentary copy of the AfterLoss help letter.